Swedish media plant another anti-Russia false story

On February 14, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri published an interview with Dr Oscar Jonsson, (PhD from the War Studies Department) and an expert on Russia, titled Russia Sanctions Attacks. He accuses Russia of destabilising democratic Western regimes and launching a hybrid war against Sweden in retribution for Stockholm’s active support for extending sanctions.

The expertise of Mr Jonsson, who calls himself a specialist on Russia, is questionable. In 2017-2018, the newly-qualified Doctor of War Science completed a course at a Swedish military academy and published just one booklet on the Russian military doctrine in 2019. This hardly proves a high level of professionalism.

We regret to note that Mr Jonsson uses only Russophobic clichés, without providing any specific facts or well-substantiated evidence. We consider all of the publication’s assertions to be groundless and slanderous.

We note that this publication has contributed to maintaining the desired level of Russophobic sentiment in Swedish society.

Intimidation through the use of a fictional Russian threat and spy mania is detrimental to Russian-Swedish relations. We are urging the publication to choose its sources more carefully, so as not to mislead its readers.




Post Author: rurik